The demand for TDC plots has always outstripped supply because of the following 6 Reasons:

You are assured of complete ownership of purchased plots
TDC is fully owned by the Government of Ghana, therefore our plots are safe and devoid of the perennial land litigation problems
You will enjoy the comfort of your home with these basic amenities of life already provided
TDC plots are serviced to the highest quality with tarred roads, drains, water and electricity
You will benefit from regular maintenance of transport infrastructure
TDC hands over its road network to the Urban Roads Department
Your time is valuable to us so we ensure speedy processing of documents
TDC ensures that documentation on purchased plots are completed within four (4) weeks
You will be assured of living in well planned neighbourhoods
TDC inspects and approves all building plans
You are assured of a high resale vale for your properties
TDC is a strong and trusted brand with over 50 years experience in property development